Spanish Secondary School “Miguel de Cervantes”, Sofia, Bulgaria

The communication between the people, between material and spiritual cultures is the most constructive activity in the terrestrial and human civilization.

This communication is useful when it is realized by good knowledge of languages.

In the Republic of Bulgaria the education applies this truth staking on learning foreign languages in the secondary schools for years.The interest in Spanish, Spanish culture and Spanish-speaking countries is of long standing: Spanish is spoken by 400 million of people around the world in more than 20 countries. The national psychology of these human communities impresses the Bulgarians considered that youth possesses the biggest motivation.

164 Secondary School with Spanish tuition “Miguel de Cervantes” is created with this purpose: to meet the necessity for learning Spanish and the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries, to co-operate with the desire for friendship and communication.

The Spanish Secondary School is one of the schools with intensive learning of foreign language in Bulgaria, whose educational conception completely corresponds to the requirements of bilingual education, along with the obligatory program of studies for acquisition of secondary education.

164 Secondary School “Miguel de Cervantes” is created in 1991, but the traditions in instruction of Spanish laid in 1996 within the boundaries of the metropolitan French Secondary School. Since 1980 a 5-year course of instruction has been implemented.

Developed by Stefan Dimitrov